Just sitting in among the notes I’ve written myself about the things I want to tell people about Stevie Nicks:

There’s this great story she tells about how she gave her assistant all the drugs that had been prescribed to her, then called her doctor like, “I gave my assistant all my drugs for the day, and now he’s hallucinating.” And the doctor was like, “What? Are you trying to kill him?” and Stevie was like, “Are you trying to kill me?” Which, touche, but also: your friend is hallucinating in your living room, and you’re asking what we’re going to do about you? (Although, one time she got super stoned and fell asleep on the floor in Prince’s kitchen, and that was basically an average day her life, so I guess it’s fair that a dude getting incoherent on Klonopin didn’t seem like such an emergency to her.)